Object Detection

Detect multiple objects in an image. Easily annotate your images with bounding boxes in our web interface and train your object detector easily.
  • Recognize
  • Any image
  • Custom training set

The Approach to Detection

There are many possibilities, algorithms and models in terms on how to build reliable object detection. Depends on the complexity of your task, number of labels and required number of processed images, we will pick the best solution for you and deploy it on cpu or gpu instance. You can first detect bounding boxes and then for example use our recognition platform to extract more knowledge from the detections. Integration of calling API into your system is on few lines and the usage is simple and fast.

Typical Use Cases for Detection

Human & Face Detection

Detect People or Faces and predict age, gender or more specific features in security camera footage.

Satellite Imagery Analysis

Detect vehicles or other recognizable object and count free parking spots or predict fires.

Consumer Item Matching

Autodetect consumer items in a photo and find them in your e-commerce outlet. Quick.

Production Quality Control

Detect anomalies and defect in your production line and count quality of the manufactured products.

Brand Tracking

Logo detection and brand visibility tracking in still photo camera photos or security footage.

Team of Editors

Do not want to play with data? We can build your own object detector. We will obtain data, our annotators will label images with bounding boxes. And then we will train and deploy your model.

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Technology Stack

We use state of the art neural network models & machine learning techniques. Constantly trying to improve the technology so you always have the best quality available. Each model has millions of parameters which can be processed by CPU or GPU. Our intelligent algorithm picks from several models & uses the best performing.

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