Biotech & Medtech AI

Use your biomedical expertise at full blast with AI. Microbiology samples, X-rays, skin lesions — these and other challenges are evaluated by experts. ML helps you to preserve their knowledge. Automate processes, assist lab workers, enable new apps and help patients.

Use Cases of our Customers

Filaments recognition in waste water

We cooperate with Novozymes on Award winning app recognising filament types in biological wastewater. Identify what’s under your microscope slide & learn more about common wastewater treatment issues and how biological solutions can help.

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Fertile Days Detection from Saliva Crystals

Babyndex detects women fertile days from saliva samples. Answering the question if you can get pregnant today. Self-learning algorithm analyzes the crystal structures in saliva and determines whether you are in the fertile part of your ovulation cycle.

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Inflammation of the Root Canal

A groundbreaking endodontic diagnosis aid created by a board certified endodontist and powered by AI. An app that represents an enigma of endodontic diagnosis to most dentists.

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Make an impact to the World we share. Use Artificial Intelligence to help others.

X-ray shots, CT/MRI imagery & photos from any microscope can be processed automatically and labeled or categorised based on the content. This can assist the experts who supervise the process and confirm the results. Save time and effort on automated tasks in your workflow. Or get your expertise closer to endusers.

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Predict Diseases

Create classifiers which can use microscope images from biopsies, x-ray images or images from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Do you know that machine learning can predict eye diseases as diabetic retinopathy? Many health startups are working on systems which can enhance the processing of these images and helping people all over the world.

Object Detection

More complex system can find a known object in the scene and cut that automatically for the second step being classification. Training data requires manual work. That could be done by our editing team, or yours whichever delivers solid results. Ximilar system can also learn to detect anomalies in medical images.

Process Big Data

Pre-process large images, create flows, conditions and find suspicious areas on the image. So that the expert team will not miss critical knowledge which can help saving life.