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Use AI to automatically modify your images. Upscale your images to super-resolution and remove background with fast API.
Upscaling model 2x on leaf image


Enlarge Your Photos Using Artificial Intelligence

Create high-resolution pictures with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. AI-enhanced images are more suitable for web & graphic design, print, and product discovery engines.

AI upscaling helps in e-commerce, real estate, as well as in creative professions. Try for free how it works on your images!

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Classic Upscaler

Classic Upscaler

This upscaler multiplies each pixel 2–8x times without modifying the original image. It is ideal if you want to achieve super-resolution without generating new details.

GAN Upscaler

GAN Upscaler

GAN upscaler is ideal for e-commerce. It adds new relevant pixels, based on the analyzis of colors, edges, corners, light & shade. The resulting photos are natural and eye-catching.

Do you have a whole collection to upscale? Check out our App & API.

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Enlarge image of luxury images with image upscaler.


Post-Processing Methods for Classic Upscaler

  • Artifact removal
  • High fidelity – focus on small details
  • Ironing out – smooth the entire image; ideal for vector graphics or animated images
How Upscaler works?


Enhance Stock Photos & Graphics

High-resolution content leads to higher engagement of users. High-quality images are a necessity for printing, web and social media content, as well as videos.

Image Upscaler by Ximilar is able to increase the image resolution 8x. See how our service works on StockPhotos, one of the largest stock agencies in the world.


Upscale Commercial Catalogues

Image Upscaler is great for the automatic enlarging of the product images in your catalogue. Sharp and detailed images make the site look more professionals, level up the users’ experience, increase the conversion rate and revenue.

You can combine it with Custom Image Recognition, which will pick only the best photos and filter out the rest.

Privacy First

We are not storing our users’ images. They are temporarily downloaded for analysis and then immediately removed.

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Easy API Integration

Our image upscaling and background removal services are easy to use by calling REST API and can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow.


Affordable & Scalable

The image tools are affordable alternatives to other AI services, they have transparent pricing & are suitable for processing millions of images.

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Simple Extraction of a Dominant Object

Background Removal is a visual AI service able to extract the dominant or outstanding object from an image.

It can be integrated into a flow to create a system combining automatic background removal with image recognition tasks, or used as a stand-alone tool for graphic and web design.

Remove Background for E-commerce


Background Removal in E-Commerce

Background Removal is a part of our Visual Search, Fashion Tagging, Furniture & Home Decor Tagging, and Dominant Colors extraction.

These services are combined with Flows and used by e-commerce sites to level up the user experience, enhance the quality of their catalogues, and increase click-through rate and revenue.

Flows - how it works?

Be One Step Ahead of Your Competition

Background Removal by Ximilar is significantly better than any available open-source solution.

Powered by Machine Learning

We trained a convolutional neural network for the extraction of products, people, animals, cars, fashion and everyday objects.

Two Models Working Together

We provide two models, one for precise extraction and one for superfast processing.

API Documentation

Here are examples of curl requests for our easy-to-use REST API.