Visual AI for Collectibles

Automate the categorization, attribute detection & enhancement
of photos on your website for collectors.
Object detection, attribute recognition and visual search of collectible trading card

Image Recognition of Collectibles

Recognition of collectibles and their attributes based on computer vision.
Automatic attribute detection & tagging on a collectible item


Visual AI for Collector Websites

Automate the processing of trading cards (TCGs), collector coins, banknotes, comic books, or sports memorabilia images with artificial intelligence.

The core system automatically detects & categorizes individual collectible items in uploaded pictures. We can customize it to recognize attributes of your choice.

Automatic surface defects' detection on a collectible baseball card


Detection of Attributes & Defects

The service can be customized to read texts (OCR) and recognize features such as the comic book edition, type of Pokémon card, or signatures on baseball cards.

You can provide your customers with automatic tags for keyword search & filtering on your website, or evaluate items based on the scratches on the surface, colors or edge quality.

Test the basic system in our App & contact us for custom features.

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Combine the image recognition system with a visual search into a custom engine for collectors.
Visual and similarity search of collectible stamps


Find Collectibles With Photos

Ximilar has built several engines for collectibles market, combining detection and recognition with visual search.

Visual search can find the exact items or recommend similar pieces in your collection based only on their appearance, or combined with keywords.

Detection and visual search of coins as performed by Numista


Numista: Object Detection & Visual Search of Coins

Numista, a numismatic & coin collecting platform listing hundreds of thousands of coins and banknotes, uses Ximilar’s visual artificial intelligence on their images.

When a visitor uploads an image with coins, they are detected one by one. Visual search then uses them as image queries and recommends identical or similar items from the database, together with their metadata.

Read how we built a search engine for Pokémon trading card game:


Improve Your Images

Automatically enhance the content uploaded by users to attract collectors and find buyers more easily.
Automatic image upscaling of a collectible comic book


Remove Background & Upscale Photos

Get the most out of every picture with automatic background removal & image upscaling up to 8x by pixel multiplying or generative upscaling AI models.

Image tools can be easily integrated with both ready-to-use and custom services. The system can modify all or only selected low-quality photos.


How Can AI Help My Website?

Visual AI is an objective and consistent tool for the categorization & pre-grading of collectibles. How it works?

Detect Collectible Items

The ready-to-use service detects individual collectible items in photos. They can be marked & recognized.

Recognize Attributes

We customize the service to automate the categorization or grading of collectibles based on their attributes.

Apply Visual Search

Recognition services can be easily combined with a visual search into a custom engine tailored to your data.


No-Code Automation Powered by AI

Ximilar has a no-code platform for visual AI based on computer vision & machine learning. We and our customers use it to train & deploy image-processing solutions.

All our services are fully customizable to different types of data and can be easily combined with each other.

The high-demand solutions are deployed as ready-to-use services that can be used immediately.


System Tailored to Your Website

We can discuss your goals, prepare a custom demo, and develop a system tailored to your website or app.

The deployed solutions work on SaaS principle (software as a service). They are available via API & App, with image collections synchronized on a cloud.

Our technology is constantly upgrading. Due to the modular structure, any image-processing task can be upgraded easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

API Documentation

Here are examples of curl requests for our easy-to-use REST API.