Ximilar offers a monthly subscription plan and allows for separate purchases of API credit packs, both of which can be paid several ways.

Payment methods accepted by Ximilar


Stripe is our primary service for secure credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) payments. Payments through Stripe are secure and encrypted. If you use Stripe or PayPal as your payment method, you can access your Stripe portal from your settings and manage your payment methods, change your card, and set your billing preferences.


PayPal is accepted for both subscription and one-time purchase payments on the Ximilar platform.

Bank Transfer

We accommodate payments via bank transfer by providing a monthly invoice that you can settle through your bank.

How the billing works?

Business and Professional plan users are billed monthly, on the same recurring day. For instance, if you subscribe to a Business plan on April 13, your plan will renew and you will be billed each subsequent month on the 13th, until your subscription is canceled.

If you upgrade to a higher plan, you will be billed for it every month on the day you upgraded.

On your billing day, an invoice is automatically generated and emailed to you. You can also access your invoices in user settings.

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Image recognition technology finds widespread application in diverse fields such as healthcare, retail, and security systems.

In healthcare, it aids in the interpretation of medical images, assisting clinicians in diagnosing diseases and identifying anomalies with greater precision. Read about some of our use cases here.

Similarly, in retail, image recognition streamlines checkout processes, and, together with visual search, enhances customer experience through personalized recommendations.

In security, it strengthens surveillance systems by enabling real-time monitoring, threat detection, and facial recognition.

This technology is also essential for autonomous vehicles, enabling them to perceive their surroundings through cameras and sensors, recognize objects, pedestrians, and road signs, and make real-time decisions for safe navigation.

Additionally, image recognition systems help in both research and applied sciences. For instance, in biological research, microscopy image analysis and wildlife conservation. It plays a crucial role in monitoring and protecting endangered species. It enables researchers and conservationists to analyze vast amounts of camera trap data efficiently, identifying and tracking individual animals, assessing population dynamics, and detecting potential threats such as poaching or habitat loss.

Image recognition aids satellite imagery analysis, especially in monitoring vegetation coverage crucial for sectors like insurance and agriculture. LAICA, by World From Space (WFS) and Ximilar, addresses this, using deep learning to merge satellite data for daily vegetation monitoring despite cloud cover challenges.

In social media, image recognition facilitates image tagging and content moderation.

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Ximilar’s computer vision platform is a powerful tool for businesses that want to leverage the power of visual AI to automate image-processing workflows, improve customer experiences, and gain insights from visual data.

The platform can be used to train custom models for image recognition and object detection, allowing companies to automate quality control, defect detection, and object tracking. It is designed to be user-friendly, with a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to quickly build custom models without needing advanced technical knowledge.

Ximilar also provides pre-trained models that can be easily integrated into businesses’ workflows, making it easier for companies to start using visual AI technology.

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Both solutions created by Ximilar and the users of our platform consist of operations (e.g., “tagging one photo”). Each operation has a value in API credits (e.g., “tagging one photo” costs 1 credit). You can choose a pricing plan based on your monthly consumption of credits.

All available solutions, image-processing operations and their values in API credits are listed in our Pricing.

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Ximilar takes data privacy and security very seriously and has implemented a range of measures to protect user data. This includes encrypting data both at rest and in transit, limiting access to data based on user roles and permissions, and complying with relevant data protection regulations such as GDPR. See the recommended questions for details.

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Ximilar’s systems significantly reduce image processing costs by automating repetitive tasks such as analyzing, tagging and sorting of images. This automation results in significant long-term savings, allowing for continuous 24/7 addition of new visual content without additional metadata.

We’re continually enhancing our platform, which enables us to both build services efficiently and quickly and also to modify existing solutions to suit your needs. We reduce costs and labour by utilizing a combination of pre-trained and new models.

Service use is billed via API credits, with a customizable monthly plan based on your consumption. Using our credit calculator helps you optimize cost-effectiveness. For sudden system loads, you can add extra credit packs to your monthly credit supply.

Once your solution is live, we can continually upgrade and enhance it, altering any component in the modular structure. Our feedback mechanisms help us understand which model performs best, allowing us to refine the solution. Also, our ready-to-use solutions are routinely updated to stay industry-relevant, and these upgrades come at no extra cost.

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Ximilar prioritizes data security and confidentiality. Our customers particularly value the following rules:

  • We don’t store user images, except for mutually agreed training datasets, secured on Amazon S3 with time-limited links.
  • The intellectual rights to generated image models are shared between you and Ximilar, and we are not authorized to use the models for other customers or internal purposes.
  • We adhere to European regulations, including GDPR, and our data center in Prague is multi ISO-certified.
  • We can sign NDAs and customize image access restrictions based on your needs.
  • Administrators access your image data only when necessary.
  • On-premises installation is possible for larger projects.

Feel free to reach out with questions about ethical considerations regarding privacy and data protection.

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Visual search is reshaping industries across the board:

  • Visual search together with other visual AI techniques enhances search capabilities of search engines, optimizing content organization and accessibility.
  • In retail, it’s transforming the shopping experience by enabling instant product identification and recommendation, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction. Learn more here.
  • In healthcare, visual search aids in swiftly and accurately analyzing diagnostic images and enables efficient retrieval and organization of medical images and records, ultimately improving patient care and outcomes.
  • Marketers are leveraging visual search to drive brand visibility and engagement, enhancing advertising strategies and conversion rates. Learn more here.
  • Automotive industries are incorporating visual search technologies to advance autonomous driving capabilities, enhancing object recognition and real-time decision-making.
  • It also helps with content management and large image collection curation across numerous industries. Learn more here.

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You can send images in these supported formats to our API (in fields of _base64 or _url): jpg, jpeg, png, webp, heic, bmp, tiff, and jfif. If you upload a gif, only the first frame will be processed. Contact us for customization.

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Ximilar’s visual AI and platform have been used by businesses across various industries to solve different problems, to name a few:


Stock Photo Industry

  • Text to Image AI Search (demo)
  • visual search and recommendations of photos (demo)
  • automatic tagging (demo) and colour extraction (demo)
  • image enhancement and smart tools, such as background removal (demo) and image upscaler

Industry & Manufacturing

Safety & Security

  • security checks in the workplace
  • product or personnel counting
  • surveillance systems

Collectibles Market

Custom AI Systems

Ximilar’s computer vision platform is used by users and companies around the world to build custom and semi-custom image-processing solutions and integrate them into their websites, apps and systems. The platform can be used via App & API for:

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Ximilar’s visual AI and machine learning platform are designed to be user-friendly, with a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to quickly build custom AI models without needing advanced technical knowledge or coding skills.

Ximilar also provides pre-trained models that can be easily integrated into businesses’ workflows or into custom-built solutions, making it easier for companies to start using visual AI technology.

The solutions created on Ximilar’s computer vision platform can also be deployed offline and on edge devices. Read more in the recommended FAQs.

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Ximilar has partnered with a range of businesses and organizations in the visual AI and machine learning field, including Intel, NVIDIA, IBM, StockPhotos and AI Secrets.

Ximilar also participates in research projects in a collaboration with academic institutions and research organizations to advance the field of visual AI and machine learning.

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The models built with Ximilar’s Computer Vision Platform can be trained on a variety of data sources, including public datasets, private datasets, and user-generated content. You can use your own database to train or upgrade your personal models.

Ximilar also provides tools to help businesses label and annotate their own training data.

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