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Our greatest strength is in our platform. Our values are transparency, individual approach and adaptation to the client’s needs.
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You can browse our services, and test them in a public demo or App before scheduling a call. Our pricing and API documentation are public as well. We approach each customer individually, with an emphasis on their use case.

On the first call, we’ll talk about your goals & data, find the most fitting solution for you, and agree on the next steps. Based on your needs and the size of your collection, we will be able to recommend a pricing plan. After the call, we will prepare a project scope proposal and quote.

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Test & Setup

Our solutions are customizable & scalable, available through API, and also deployable offline. We can either recommend a ready-to-use service, agree on the customization or on a brand-new strategy for your use case.

In all cases, we can first prepare a test and train custom visual AI on a sample of your data (Proof of Concept) before deploying the full solution.
To name a few, we can prepare custom image recognition for categorization & tagging or object detection, custom visual search, similarity search, and various combinations of these services.

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In the last step, we will deploy your custom solution that can be integrated into your business, platform, App, website, or security system. All our services run in the cloud and can be seamlessly integrated into your IT systems. The solutions can be upgraded or modified anytime.

Together, we’ll find the most suitable pricing plan. The monthly pricing changes with volumes of processed data to optimize the costs. In addition, your monthly API credit supply can be enhanced by API credit packs.

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Our services are accessible through API, and can be easily integrated into your app or system. API calls have different values in API credits. Read more in Pricing.

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Manage your collections, data & flows, track activity, or train custom solutions from scratch in one place. Annotate data in App or Annotate.

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API Documentation

We take care of the complexity behind and wrap it in a few lines of code.

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