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Artificial Intelligence in an easy to use package. Smart machine learning techniques improved to the max. Tools for quick use.
Ico Bullseye

High Accuracy

Use of deep learning algorithms with the highest accuracy & extra tweaks.

Ico Clipboard

Simple Setup

Implement cutting-edge vision automation quick. Without any development costs.

Ico Infinite

Recognize Anything

Train custom neural network to recognize your specific type of imagery.

Ico Cake

Clear Interface

Create powerful and custom image recognizers in an intuitive web app.

Ico Shield

Ongoing Updates

We always improve the underlying machine learning algorithms so you get the state of the art tools.

Ico Infinite

Speed & Scalability

Recognize and search millions of images — we are good friends with Big Data.

Easy to Use Interface

User interface to manage different services. For instance, you can create, manage & deploy your custom image recognition models. No machine learning or coding knowledge required.

API Documentation

We take care of the complexity behind and wrap it in a few lines of code.

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