Frequently Asked Questions

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Both training (including training time) and deployment, as well as idle time, are free with Ximilar. You only pay for the actual usage of our services in production – read about API calls & credits.

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By using online solutions built with our platform, you make API calls (requests). Different API calls have different values in API credits. These values are listed and explained in our Pricing and API documentation.

Every pricing scheme, including the Free plan, has a monthly supply of API credits, which expires by the end of the month.

Apart from the monthly supply, you can purchase as many API credit packs as you need. These credit packs will only be used after your monthly supply runs out, and will therefore secure the consistency of your service in case of unexpected system loads. Unlike the monthly supply, the API credit packs do not expire.

We can also discuss a custom pricing and API credits scheme tailored to your business’s needs. Feel free to contact us.


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The basic services provided by Ximilar are free, so anyone can try to train their own AI and test how these services work on their data.

However, image processing by visual AI requires computing power and cloud storage. That is why the number of image collections, images, tasks, flows, or types of detected objects may be limited according to your plan. These limitations also depend on the monthly API credits supply that you choose for your pricing scheme.

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No, the training of Custom Image Recognition models is completely free, as well as deploying your solutions and making them accessible to the end users.

Also, unlike the competition, Ximilar does not charge the customers for idle time or training time, and the basic scheme for our App users is Free.

With Ximilar, you only pay for the actual usage of the services – read about API calls & credits.


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Using Ximilar services consumes API credits. Ximilar provides three pricing plans with different monthly API credit supplies, including a free scheme with 3,000 free credits. Creating a Flow and chaining tasks don’t cost any API credits. There are, however, limitations as to how many Flows you can have.

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Custom Solutions

Ximilar routinely builds custom image-processing systems for both medium-sized and large companies. We even build solutions that work also on videos, text and other types of data. You can check our page How we work, contact us, and we will help you with your project, whether you are a startup or an enterprise company.

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Visit our page How we work, where we summarized the typical steps of a customer project. Contact us whether you need to point in the right direction or you want to discuss a custom solution for your company.

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Based on our initial call, we will provide you with a project proposal, including time schedule and budget, which will reflect the complexity of your solution.

After deploying the custom solution, you will pay a monthly plan (invoicing monthly or yearly) for using the services and hosting, according to our standard fees.

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