Ximilar provides visual AI services for image processing automation. They are available through App & API, and can be divided into several basic groups:

Image Recognition

The principle of Image Recognition services is they process your image and provide some information about it (e.g., image categories, tags, values, or detected objects). These services are grouped into two service categories based on the degree of customization on your side:

  • Ready-to-use Image Recognition services – these are pre-trained and ready to be applied to your data with some degree of customization
  • Custom Image Recognition services – you can use our Computer Vision Platform to train your own Image Recognition, Categorization, Tagging, Object Detection, and Image Regression tasks from scratch

Visual Search

The Visual Search services work with your entire image collection and scan it for images that match a given query image to provide you with the most similar or identical images. This is useful for duplicate identification, product recommendations, or finding images and can be used in a combination with image recognition services.

Image Tools

The Image Tools generally take an image and modify it. You can use our tools Background Removal and Image Upscaler on their own, or implement them into more complex systems.

We will help you set up & configure these services so that they fit your needs. Ximilar also provides custom visual AI solutions for specific domains and use cases; in many cases, you can train your own ML models using our Ximilar App platform, or we can prepare the service exactly for your data and use case. Feel free to contact us in case you want to discuss the best option for you.

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Our Computer Vision Platform enables you to train primarily Custom Image Recognition tasks (machine learning models). The Custom Image Recognition services are Categorization & Tagging, which automatically recognizes the pictures, categorizes them and provides tags, Image Regression, and Object Detection, which automatically detects objects of given categories in your images. We can also customize our Ready-to-use Image Recognition services to suit your use case and data.

Apart from that, our platform enables the training of Visual Search tasks. Visual Search services are Visual Product Search, Photo Similarity, Fashion Search and Custom Visual Search. However, these services usually require some degree of customization and professional assistance to achieve the desired results.

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Our tagging services recognize objects and attributes in your newly uploaded photos and provide you with tags (keywords). You can either use ready-to-use services Fashion Tagging and Home Decor & Furniture Tagging, train your own Categorization & Tagging tasks, or contact us to discuss a custom solution. The tagging can be combined with Object Detection to tag the detected objects.

Visual Search services are based on the analysis and comparison of the visual appearance of your images, and can therefore be used on their own, typically for recommendations of similar products or products matching the image query, or matching of duplicates. These services are ideal for e-shops, price comparison websites, collectibles’ databases, sellers of antique and design products and so on.

If you work with fashion product photos, you can either use Fashion Tagging, Visual Product Search, or Fashion Search, combining the benefits of these two.

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Ideal services for e-commerce businesses are usually object detection with a tagging service and visual search. All of them can be combined.

For example, if you upload a photo of a model wearing multiple pieces of clothing and accessories, all products will be detected, and automatically tagged, and then your users will be provided with exact or most similar matches to the detected products.

We already combined Fashion Tagging and Visual Product Search into the service Fashion Search tailored for the fashion industry.

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The typical AI services for visual inspection and quality control are image recognition, which can be used to categorize products on an assembly line, and object detection, which can detect errors, anomalies and faulty items. The image regression provides a numerical value, for example, for a level of wear out of the item. Visual search services such as image matching can help you compare similar images and patterns.

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Visual Search services enable image processing independently of their origin, tags, keywords, and metadata. To add new images to existing items in your collection or enrich newly added images with metadata of existing similar items, use the Visual Product Search for product matching. It is also able to identify duplicate or nearly identical images in your collection.

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