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Object detection by Ximilar automatically finds different types of objects & marks them with bounding boxes.

Object Detection

Train your custom automatic object detection able to spot, mark & count objects of different types.
Categorization & Tagging by Ximilar

Image Classification

Train your own AI to categorize, tag and organize images automatically. Combine it with other services & use it via API or deploy offline.
Annotate by Ximilar


Advanced image annotation tool for detailed and quick annotation of large collections in a team. Draw boxes & polygons, and get automatic annotating suggestions. Work in a team and track progress on the jobs.
Fashion Tagging by Ximilar

Fashion Tagging

Auto-tagging of fashion items, such as footwear, accessories, jewellery, clothing and underwear. Extract all attributes from the picture and recommend the best products.
Flows by Ximilar


Chain & combine categorization, tagging, object detection, image similarity tasks, and ready-to-use services. Re-train, add or remove any part anytime.
Visual Search by Ximilar

Visual Search Solutions

Bring relevant and personalized product recommendations with true visual & similarity search. Match identical photos, eliminate duplicates & enrich galleries.

Stock Photo Search

All-in-one solutions for image search powered by AI. Text-to-image search based on language processing, reverse image search and similar image recommendations based on true visual search.
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