Recognize, Search & Enhance Images With AI

From ready-made to custom image recognition & visual search solutions under one API.

Get Custom AI Tailored to Your Images

Level up your image processing with custom solutions, combining existing & new features.

Build Computer Vision Models Without Coding

Create your own machine learning models and implement them easily into your website or app.

Ximilar provides image recognition and visual search for websites, apps and other business and research uses. AI can identify individual items in an image and provide relevant similar suggestions.
Ximilar builds custom recognition, detection and image search solutions to businesses with specific image datasets, such as sports cards and other memorabilia.
Create your own machine learning models for image recognition, object detection and image regression on Ximilar computer vision platform.
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Ready-to-use Visual AI demos

Choose from off-the-shelf solutions for fashion, home decor, stock photos, collectibles, and more.

From pattern recognition to Image similarity
  • Custom features — Your own labels, object categories, attributes, taxonomy, or language can be added to our solutions.
  • Semi-custom solutions — We can combine pre-trained & new modules for a tailored, budget-friendly solution.
  • New solutions for pioneers — We will craft an image or video processing system from scratch to help you pave the way.
Visual AI by Ximilar can be customized with specific categories, objects, attributes, labels, whole taxonomies or even languages to fit specific use cases. In this case, object detection and image recognition are combined to spot and identify objects in a fluorescent microscopy image.
Ximilar builds software for product recognition, tagging and description. The development time is minimised by combining existing AI modules with new solutions tailored to specific use cases.
Ximilar's computer vision platform can be used to build new visual AI solutions for image and video processing, such as detection of objects on the shelves.
Machine learning for everyone

Use Ximilar App to test, build & deploy your own visual artificial intelligence. Manage your collections in App & connect via API.

Number 1 No-code AI Vision Platform

With Ximilar, you can automate & streamline all image processing with one API. All on one platform and without coding.


Save work & time

Deploy the pre-trained tools on click, or add custom labels and features.

Monthly subscription

Choose ideal plan

With credit supply optimised to your traffic and needs.

Easy access

Connect via API

And implement it into your application, website or infrastructure.

Modular structure

Upgrade on the go

Combine and put pre-trained and custom models in complex sequences.

Workflow examples

From quality control, security systems and video analysis, to pattern recognizing or medical diagnosis systems. See the typical image AI applications built with our platform.

Sports & Trading Cards Identification

Sports & Trading Cards Identification

  • Collectibles Recognition
  • Sports Card Identifier
  • Sports Card Grader
  • TCG Card Identifier
  • TCG Card Grader

Spot, analyze and grade collectible sports cards and trading card games (TCGs) automatically.

Fashion Detection, Tagging & Description

Fashion Detection, Tagging & Description

  • Fashion Apparel Detection
  • Fashion Tagging
  • Auto Description

Identify all fashion including footwear and jewelry with specialized clothing AI. Generate product titles and descriptions.

Stock Photo Tagging & Similarity Search

Stock Photo Tagging & Similarity Search

  • Image Recognition
  • Photo Tagging
  • Dominant Colors
  • Image Similarity Search
  • Search Images By Color

Accurately identify photos, people, faces & objects. Provide similar visual content within your collection to your visitors.

Real Estate Classifier

Real Estate Classifier

  • Outdoor/Indoor Classifier
  • Room Classifier
  • Furniture Detection
  • Home Decor Tagging
  • Home Decor Search

Automate the processing of photos of real estate, rooms, interior design, homeware, and pieces of furniture.

Human expertise, AI consistency

We aim to make artificial intelligence accessible to businesses of all sizes by building a reliable, cost-effective no-code platform.

Get Your Own AI Solution From Industry Experts

15 Billion

Images recognized and counting

+380 %

Increased click rate on products


Countries of origin of our clients

10+ Years

Hands-on experience in AI systems

Nessi - Image annotation expert
  • Nessi
  • Image Annotation Expert
Michal - Machine Learning Expert
  • Michal
  • Machine Learning Engineer
David - CEO, Computer Vision Expert
  • David
  • CEO, Computer Vision Expert
Gabriela - Fashion Expert, Customer Care
  • Gabriela
  • Fashion Stylist, Customer Care
Use AI With Confidence

Use secure AI software with maximal data privacy. We store only training data on our own servers in the EU, with all data protected under GDPR.

Your models & data belong to you

You hold the intellectual rights to all the models you train on our platform.

Processed images are not stored

Our software analyses each picture in your database once, without storing any of them.

Certified hardware

Certified hardware infrasturcture

Training data on secure EU servers

Imagery used to train custom models is stored on our own servers in the EU.

Zajzon Bodó
  • Zajzon Bodó
  • CEO, Babyndex

Babyndex uses Ximilar's Image Recognition and Annotate, which is excellent. I can easily set up their services myself. Ximilar has helped in improving accuracy and from that day on, it works perfectly.

Zajzon Bodó
Co-founder & CEO, Babyndex
Babyndex logo
Dr. Reza Farshey
  • Dr. Reza Farshey
  • CEO, Endogenie

We used Ximilar's platform to build a model analyzing X-ray medical images. Even though the models are built on their platform, the data belong to our company. Support from Ximilar has been amazing, with a response time less than 24 hours. Overall, I am extremely happy with the service and product offerings from Ximilar.

Dr. Reza Farshey
Founder & CEO
Endogenie logo
Amos Struck
  • Amos Struck
  • Co-founder, StockPhotos

Way better similar results in our 10 million stock images. Customers can find visually similar pictures by uploading a photo. The integration was fast. We recommend it!

Amos Struck
StockPhotos logo
Pavel Macků
  • Pavel Macků
  • CEO, Profimedia

The Ximilar technology has been working reliably for many years on our collection of 100M+ creative photos.

Pavel Macků
Profimedia logo
Connect via REST API

Deploy, Connect & Conquer

Deploy latest models on click, connect via REST API, and integrate them into your system or infrastructure.

Technology Stack

import requests, json, base64
endpoint = '

headers = { 
    'Authorization': "Token __API_TOKEN__",
    'Content-Type': 'application/json' 


with open(__IMAGE_PATH__, "rb") as image_file:
    encoded_string =

data = {
'records': [{'_base64': encoded_string}]

response =, 
headers=headers, data=json.dumps(data)).json()