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Decades of research. Years of real-life applications. All that supported by the best team of ML experts, right at your fingertips.


Ximilar started as a full fledged solution to handle stock photography for international agencies. That is where David & Vita met together and started to expand to e-commerce, later acquiring a competitor Vize.ai to widen the reach and complement custom solutions with serve yourself SaaS solution.


We are proud to be fully bootstrapped. Ximilar is not only expert in their field, but we are also fully independent in making pro-business decisions that create win-win for you and us. We do not need to force growth and margins. But we are on a path to a sustainable business solution delivering high value.


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Best ML & AI

Expert Team

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Ximilar is an agile group of highly motivated professionals. We are building a solid team of machine learning experts, developers, content editors and other specialists in Brno, Czech Republic – the heart of Europe.

Core ideas & approach at Ximilar originate from long-term research at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic. In 2017, we have been accelerated at Innovation Center, graduated from IBM GEP program and became IBM business partners in 2018.

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Content Editors

Sometimes, our custom solutions require preparation & verification of training data. We have a growing team of well trained specialists who could be assigned to a particular content cleanup or preparation. Saving you time and lowering the expertise requirements on your side.

Brno, Czechia

Ximilar is a remote company. Most of the team circulates around Brno, but we work while travelling across Europe.


David Novák

+420 606 767 147

Prague, CZ

Brendan is a New Yorker currently living in Europe with an avid and passionate interest in things related to antiques and collectibles. His work, connection clients with Ximilar tech, is his hobby.

Europe & Asia Sales

Brendan Wade
Head of Sales

+420 776 654 886

Atlanta, USA

We have joined forces with the team around J Patrick, experienced data science innovator and entrepreneur.

North America Product & Sales

J Patrick Bewley
Managing Director for NA

+1 (501) 205-4066

Some of our Users

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Robustness of Ximilar Technology

Ico Chart

The keystone is an image recognition & search technology

Ico Office

20+ years of research at Technological University

Ico OpenSource

16+ years of patient contribution to Open Source

Ico Polaroid

8+ years of applications in image business