About us

Ximilar provides Visual AI to businesses – visual search, image recognition, automatic image tagging & object detection.


Founded by experts in visual data & Based on original academic research


Stable company with a robust platform & Ever-growing number of services


Experienced team & Numerous solutions for customers worldwide


Making Visual AI Accessible

Ximilar is a software company building solutions for smart visual data processing based on computer vision and machine learning (SaaS). We provide a platform where we and our customers train and deploy visual AI solutions, based on ready-to-use services or customized.


Cutting-edge Technology for Business

Founded by people experienced in computer vision and visual data business with an aim to use state-of-the-art technology for real-life applications. We use visual AI for basic automation as well as complex original solutions, and support its adoption in the commercial sphere.


David founded Ximilar after more than ten years of academic research.
He wanted to build smart AI products not only for the corporate sphere, but especially for medium to small businesses. He is a skilled team leader with experience in both business and technology.

David Novák CEO & Co-founder


Michal is a co-founder of Ximilar and a machine learning expert focusing mainly on image recognition, visual search and computer vision. He is interested in science, loves reading books and Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu.

Michal Lukáč ML Engineer & Co-founder


Víťa is a web & UX designer with over 20 years of experience in the graphic design and visual data business. He is a digital nomad, freelancer, co-founder of Ximilar and Camperguru, passionate about human-centered design and life off the grid.

Víťa Válka Designer & Co-founder


Martin is Ximilar co-founder, a software engineer, architect & developer with over 10 years of experience with team and project leading. He is the creative mind behind our software. Apart from that, he is a professional musician.
No big deal.

Martin Novák Developer & Co-founder


Dan is a co-founder of Ximilar, a freelance software engineer & system administrator. He specializes in smooth server configuration, app performance, custom scripts, and creating smart systematic solutions that require minimal maintenance.

Dan Keder DevOps & Co-founder


Amos is a stock photo expert with a successful track record of projects and companies in the industry, such as Stock Photo Press and Stockphotos.com. For over 20 years, Amos has been pioneering the adoption of new technologies in the stock media industry, with a particular focus on visual AI.

Amos Struck Image Industry Expert & Co-founder


Andrej is a skilled machine learning specialist, who always comes up with new ideas when creating custom visual AI solutions. He is an international debate champion, with a degree in political science & sociology, who enjoys travelling and fine wine.

Andrej Rybár Developer & ML Specialist


Michael is an accomplished entrepreneur with deep roots in the trading card industry, and a lifelong basketball card collector. Currently, he's working on delivering a reliable AI grading tool to support card dealers, hobby shops, breakers, mobile apps, websites, marketplaces, and avid collectors.

Michael Schneider Collectibles Expert


Gabriela is a stylist experienced in fashion events and e-commerce.
She has a track record of successful photoshoots and personalized user experience projects. In Ximilar, she helps with solutions for the fashion industry based on AI, takes care of customers and communication.

Gabriela Paceltová Fashion Expert, Sales & Customer Care


Nessi originally graduated in medicine and worked as a researcher in immunology. She is a resourceful project manager and product owner, who makes sure our services are well-performing and consistent. She is passionate about science, art and good food – unless it is green.

Nessi Voinova Project Manager & Product Owner


Alexandra was born and raised in Moscow, a journalist in the past, data annotation magician right now. In Ximilar, she makes sure the training data is used the best way possible. She is a storyteller and blogger who thinks of movies and coffee as of bare necessities of life.

Alexandra Gracheva Content Management


Zuzana is a marketing specialist, biologist, and illustrator addicted to reading and hiking. In Ximilar, she takes care of web, content and communication, tries to keep the KPIs high and office temperature low. She likes science, kung fu movies and rain.

Zuzana Raidová Head of Marketing


David is an experienced UI developer and a crazy being with a passion for all nerdy stuff such as programming, travelling, design, cooking, eating, reading, creating videos and songs, and all the little things by which people can explore the world and its contents.

David Tyemnyák Frontend Developer


Martin is our web developer, HTML poet & PHP wizard. He makes sure every web project is properly built and secure. Apart from that, he is a musician, knows a bunch about WordPress and potentially even more about fine wine.

Martin Píštěk Web Developer

Cutting-edge platform

We provide advanced visual search, image recognition, automatic image tagging, object detection & image tools available through API and deployable offline.


Global customer base

Our system processes over 1 billion images yearly for customers in Medtech, e-commerce, fashion, design, real estate, stock photos, manufacturing & quality control.


Q & A

Where do I Find More?

Try our public demo or log in to App, where you can try out a number of ready-to-use services or train your own models from scratch. Don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about custom solutions – free of charge and without obligation.

Q & A

Specialists Ready to Help

We are a team of machine learning experts, developers & content editors, who are ready to help with each step of the project. We have a dedicated data annotation team, who make sure your training data is used to its full potential.

Read about how the collaboration with us works:

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