Image Recognition

Categorize & tag images with your own labels or detect objects. Use sleek user interface or rest API to create tasks. From problem definition to production in minutes.
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Categorization & Tagging via Machine Learning

Machine learning gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. You don’t need to be rocket scientist to create machine learning models with Ximilar App. Define your task to predict your categories or tags, upload your data to system and click one button.

It does not matter if you need to distinguish cats from dogs or compare types of cancer cells. Our models can handle hundreds of labels & predict several images in a second. And if you need a bigger throughput, contact us and we would show you the universe of possibilities delivered by AI.




Setup your Custom Recognition in 5 minutes


Define your categories and upload sample images.

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Define your categories and upload sample images.

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Define your categories and upload sample images.

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Object Detection

In some cases, you don’t want to only assign categories or tags to your images but you want to detect objects. The main differences are that with detection, you get positions (bounding boxes) of the objects and also you can detect more than one object of the same type on one image. Accordingly, your training data need bounding boxes to mark the objects to detect, but our slick GUI will make this task a piece of cake. Or our professional content curators can help with that! From the machine learning perspective, object detection is more difficult than categorization/tagging, but it’s up to us.

Typical Use Cases for Detection

Human & Face Detection

Detect People or Faces and predict age, gender or more specific features in security camera footage.

Satellite Imagery Analysis

Detect vehicles or other recognizable object and count free parking spots or predict fires.

Consumer Item Matching

Autodetect consumer items in a photo and find them in your e-commerce outlet. Quick.

Production Quality Control

Detect anomalies and defect in your production line and count quality of the manufactured products.

Brand Tracking

Logo detection and brand visibility tracking in still photo camera photos or security footage.

Team of Editors

Do not want to play with data? We can build your own object detector. We will obtain data, our annotators will label images with bounding boxes. And then we will train and deploy your model.

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Machine Learning is our passion. We know all the ins & outs of technologies that might help you level-up your business using full or partial automation. Feel free to contact us and lets speak about what we can do for you.

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Technology Stack

We use state of the art neural network models & machine learning techniques. Constantly trying to improve the technology so you always have the best quality available. Each model has millions of parameters which can be processed by CPU or GPU. Our intelligent algorithm picks from several models & uses the best performing.

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API Documentation

We take care of the complexity behind and wrap it in a few lines of code.

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