Visual AI in E-Commerce

Ximilar image recognition technology can enrich your product attributes and the visual search helps customers find what they seek.

Attribute Recognition with Machine Learning

High quality product attributes are key for search in any e-shop or e-commerce app. Ximilar can use artificial intelligence techniques to recognize these attributes automatically. There are several options depending on the e-commerce segment:

  • Clothing & fashion & apparel projects can use the off-the-shelf service Fashion Tagging. This service uses computer vision and deep learning to detect clothing, footwear and accessories items on photos (both product and real) and can recognize many fashion features.
  • Ximilar provides a similar attribute recognition service for home decor projects. See this documentation page for the full list of recognized home decor categories and features.
  • Ximilar has a solution for other segments as well. Our custom image recognition service is being used by many companies to recognize items and features specific for their segments. Ximilar has a team of machine learning experts to prepare such custom recognition service for you smoothly and surprizingly quickly! Just contact us and we will be happy to help with your use case.

Similar Images & Products

Fashion e-shops and integrator sites often display related products in each item page. With Ximilar, these products are generated automatically as visually similar items. Depending on your segment, the visual similarity engine can be tuned directly for clothing or for generic product images. Our e-commerce partners report that this service improves the customer experience and leads to higher conversion rates.

Your product collection is synchronized with Ximilar cloud and a single API call gets you the most similar products to an item in a particular category. Every product image is processed by a deep neural network and our powerful similarity search indexes can search millions of items in a fraction of a second. You can learn more about the Product Similarity service.

Given Product

Big Product


  • 10s of Millions of Product Images
  • Results available in 100s of milliseconds

Visually Similar Products


Visual Search

The product similarity service mentioned in the previous paragraph works with product images. Ximilar can also search in your products by real photos – for instance cell phone pictures or influencer photographs from social media.

Again, Ximilar provides this functionality as an off-the-shelf service for the clothing segment. Also, Ximilar has computer vision technology for quick development of visual search right for your segment. Just contact us and we can talk about your use case.

Product Matching

Match duplicate products in your data. Save significant costs on image storage and remove cluttered duplicate search results. Automatically.

This service is great for e-commerce projects that integrate product feeds from serveral sources – our image matching service can pair the products based on their product photos.

Typical needs of E-commerce

You can do all these tricks either using the our precooked service Fashion Tagging or train your own classifiers & taggers.

Fine-grained catalog categorization

Allow your customers access to advanced search and filtering by fine-grain visual categorization.

Content Management Automation

Automate the work of your content team by automatically categorizing your image database.

Abstract Understanding

Recognize abstract concepts like ‘is this a nice picture?’ or ‘what scene is this?’.

Pattern Recognition

Recognize & classify visual patterns, such as black and white collections, in your products and predict features of incoming content.

Custom Fashion Solution

We’ve done many individual solutions for small and large companies. Contact us for consultation.