We Introduce API Credit Packs

API credit packs are a cost-effective solution for initial system setup, unexpected user traffic, and one-time system loads.
Zuzana, Ximilar
Zuzana Raidová
27. April 2021
API credits by Ximilar

In the year 2021, we are going to implement some major updates and add new features to our App. They should make the user experience more convenient and the work environment more customizable. The first new feature are the API Credit Packs, specifically created at your requests and suggestions. In this article, I briefly describe, what are the main benefits of API credit packs, and how to use them.


How API Credits Work

Imagine you upload a training image, create a recognition label, or send an image for recognition in our App. Every time you perform an operation like this, you send a request to our server using API. This request is called an API call.


To keep track of API calls and their requirements, each type of call corresponds to a certain number of API credits. Generally all calls sending image data to our servers cost some API credits. The full list of operations with their API credit values is available in our documentation.

Your Monthly API Credits

Every user of Ximilar App is provided with a monthly supply of API credits, depending on their pricing plan. This supply is renewed every month on the day they made the purchase of their plan. For example, if you purchase a Business plan on April 15th, your monthly supply will restore on the 15th day of every consequent month.


The users with the Free pricing plan are provided with a monthly supply of API credits as well. Whether you use a paid or free plan, the unused API credits from your monthly supply are not transferred to the following month and expire.


Introducing API Credit Packs

Ximilar App users can now buy an unlimited number of API credits aside from their monthly supply, in a form of API credit packs. This option is available for all pricing plans, including the Free plan.

There are two major benefits of the API credit packs. First, credits from the packs are used only when your monthly supply of credits runs out. In this example, the user with the Business plan has already used all API credits from his monthly supply and the system automatically switched to using the API credit pack. On April 15th, his monthly credit balance will be renewed, and the system will switch back to the monthly supply.


Second, API credit packs have no expiration. Therefore, their balance passes to the next month. You can buy as many credit packs as you need. The credits will add up in the lower API credit bar.

Typical Uses for API Credit Packs

The credit packs cover both expected and unexpected system loads. There are more ways and situations in which they can help or serve as safety nets.

Get Your System Ready

Our users generally pick their pricing plan based on regular traffic on their websites. However, the initial service setup is more demanding, and it costs a lot of extra credits. In this case, you wouldn’t want to upgrade your pricing plan for the short period of higher workloads and then downgrade back to the plan suiting your long-term needs.

One-Time System Loads

As you could see in the example with a Business plan user, the number of API credits in the credit pack bar was twice as high as his monthly credit supply. It is common for our users to use an above-average number of credits from time to time – typically when they are expecting higher system loads than usual. For example, uploading more products and images, or adding a brand new collection, would mean withdrawing your monthly credit supply too soon. In such cases, API credit packs provide a cost-effective solution.

Safety Net in a Case of Higher Traffic


The credit packs also cover the situations of unpredicted system loads caused by third parties. For example, when your website is visited and system used by an unexpected number of customers in a short period of time.

This way, the credit packs provide a sort of safety net to make sure no service outages will occur on your side due to the sudden exhaustion of credits.

What if I Upgrade or Downgrade My Plan?

You can always upgrade or downgrade your pricing plan. When this happens, the credits from your previous plan’s monthly supply will add up to the monthly supply of your new plan. They will remain in the bar till the end of your old monthly subscription and will be used first. In addition, you can purchase as many credit pack as you need, and the credits from the packs will be used after both of your monthly supplies are exhausted.

Do you have any questions? We’re more than happy to talk.

Zuzana, Ximilar

Zuzana Raidová Head of Marketing

Zuzana is a marketing specialist, biologist, and illustrator addicted to reading and hiking. In Ximilar, she takes care of web, content and communication, tries to keep the KPIs high and office temperature low. She likes science, kung fu movies and rain.

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