Visual search and recognition for your business.

Image Search

Index & quickly search huge collections by visual similarity. Do not limit yourself to text & keywords. Those days are over.

image search

Automatic Labels

Classification & labeling of visual content using AI. Individual tags and categories can be generic or matching your specific needs.

image recognition

Product Detection

Navigate new customers to your e-commerce. Connect the dots. Find and match products in blogs, photos or with a phone camera.

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Recognition on Custom Training Set


Image classification to your own labels. One per image.



Keywording of your image set. Multiple labels per image.

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Object Detection

Finding pre-defined object in an image. Ideal for Fashion.

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Ready to Use Recognition

Generic Tagging

Automatic tagging of generic images. Quick and easy.


Product Tagging

Recognition and labeling of products in photos.

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Dominant Colors

Finding dominant colors while ignoring background.

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Visual Search

Photo Similarity

Let’s you & your customers find visually similar items.


Smart Fashion Search

Locating & matching fashion products in real-life photos.

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Product Matching

Matching products on photos of various quality & size.

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Customer images processed by Ximilar so far

Robustness of Ximilar Technology

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The keystone is a generic similarity search technology

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20+ years of research at University

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15+ years of contribution to Open Source

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7+ years of applications in image business

Your Benefits

Product Improvement

Get more search features, search result diversification, categorization & face detection. Simply — get better data with Ximilar.

Cost Optimization

Support & speed-up human-operated tasks. Classification into pre-defined categories, product pairing & annotation. All that.

Deployment and API

Ximilar can run as a service or in your warehouse. Integration via REST & JSON makes the rest easy. And we're around for you to assist.

image team


Ximilar is an agile & growing team of 10+ professionals led by David Novák. We are building a solid team of machine learning experts, developers, content curators and other specialists in Brno, Czech Republic.


Core ideas & approach at Ximilar originate from long-term research at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic – the heart of Europe.

In the year 2017, we have been accelerated at South-moravian Innovation Center. An inspiring 6 months!

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