Understand huge visual collections. Quick.


Index & quickly search huge collections by visual similarity. Do not limit yourself to text & keywords. Those days are over.

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Automatic classification and visual content recognition help you reach further & deeper into your data. No matter the database size.

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All Visual

Fundamental pixels-based operations with visual content help you automate operations and save on manual data management.

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Items Indexed by Ximilar so far

Robustness of Ximilar Technology

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The keystone is a generic similarity search technology

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20+ years of research at University

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15+ years of contribution to Open Source

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7+ years of applications in image business


Better Search

Quick searching in collections over 100M items.

Near Duplicates

Pairing products, finding series and copy detection.

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Items assigned to your pre-defined categories.

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Keywording & self-learning of your visual content.

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Face Detection

Finding a face and estimating age & gender.

Colors & Cuts

Finding dominant colors and cuts in video content.

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Your Benefits

Product Improvement

Get more search features, search result diversification, categorization & face detection. Simply — get better data with Ximilar.

Cost Optimization

Support & speed-up human-operated tasks. Classification into pre-defined categories, product pairing & annotation. All that.

Deployment and API

Ximilar can run as a service or in your warehouse. Integration via REST & JSON makes the rest easy. And we're around for you to assist.

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