Artificial Intelligence in an easy to use package. Smart machine learning techniques improved to the max. Tools for quick use.
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Image Recognition

Image classification, tagging & detection with your own labels.

  • Recognize
  • Any image
  • Custom training set

Image Similarity

Let you & your customers find visually similar images or products!

  • Search
  • General Photos
  • Product Photos

Visual Fashion Search

Locating & matching products in real-life photos.

  • Search
  • Fashion Photos

Fashion Tagging

Recognition and labeling of products in photos.

  • Recognize
  • Fashion Photos
  • Ready to use

Generic Tagging

Automatic tagging of generic photos. Quick and easy.

  • Recognize
  • General Photos
  • Ready to use

Custom Solutions

Simply put, we can do magic.

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  • Search
  • Any image
  • Magic

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Machine Learning is our passion. We know all the ins & outs of technologies that might help you level-up your business using full or partial automation. Feel free to contact us and lets speak about what we can do for you.

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What is in it for You


Product Improvement

Get more search features, search result diversification, categorization & face detection. Simply — get better data with Ximilar.


Cost Optimization

Support & speed-up human-operated tasks. Classification into pre-defined categories, product pairing & annotation. All that.


Deployment and API

Ximilar can run as a service or in your warehouse. Integration via REST & JSON makes the rest easy. And we're around for you to assist.

Robustness of Ximilar Technology

Ico Chart

The keystone is an image recognition & search technology

Ico Office

20+ years of research at Technological University

Ico OpenSource

16+ years of patient contribution to Open Source

Ico Polaroid

8+ years of applications in image business