Frequently Asked Questions

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Data Privacy

Whether you upload your images or share their URLs, Ximilar doesn’t store the users’ images on our servers. We only store the training dataset used to train your solution. These images are secured at Amazon S3 with links that expire after one hour.

We store neither the images stored in your collection for visual search nor the images for one-time processing (e.g., end-user data from the mobile app). When an image is inserted (automatically through synchronization or manually), our AI analyzes it and creates an encoded representation of the image, and then the image is immediately discarded.

However, you can choose whether your images will be available under a particular URL or encrypted and with restricted access. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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Ximilar and its servers are located in the European Union, and therefore European regulations, including GDPR, are applied.

Data are stored on our hardware infrastructure in a data center in Prague with multiple ISO certifications (ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 20000).

Images uploaded in as training data are stored in Amazon AWS S3 service. We never store images that are used for inference API (for example classify, detection or fashion tagging endpoints). We also do not store any images processed by visual search.

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Ximilar admins can access your images after being asked to do so (e.g., when a problem occurs).

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NDAs are signed after mutual agreements with our customers. We can sign the standard NDA of your company. Contact our customer care to discuss your requirements.

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Our customers hold intellectual rights to all image recognition and image similarity models created using their own training data.

We host and serve the models using our own software packages and provide API access to the customer. We do not own the intellectual rights to the models trained on our platform. Therefore, these models can not be used for other customers.


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Ximilar does not use one customer’s data to train another customer’s models, which is guaranteed contractually. Contact us for details.

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