Safety & Security

Analyze satellite views or drone footage to extract meaningful information. From helping farmers predicting drought to monitoring car traffic on the streets of a city.

Satellite Imagery Analysis

We are living in the time where we need to face climate changes all around the world. Melting glaciers, rising sea levels, deforestation, agricultural drought… These are problems in which can machine learning algorithms help people to analyze data and make further actions in prevention. Machine learning solutions were sucessfully applied to help farmers, industries, cities and households in use of sources more effective.

Unlock data from satellite and aerial images. Learn to detect and track solar panels, vehicles, buildings or size of coffee fields in satellite imagery. Get answers for your corporation so that you can do actionable decisions. Know what percentage of a particular view contains forests, industry areas, agriculture fields, and so on.



red roof 99.66 %
grey roof 97.25 %
green garden 91.50 %
gaden trees 88.55 %
pool 77.28 %
paved entrance 75.65 %
road 52.36 %
  • Urban Areas
  • Nature Areas


sea 59.78 %
beach 46.94 %
grass 36.02 %
forrest 6.02 %

Security Camera Notifications

Track anything through the time. From satellite views to security cameras on your parking. Use machine learning solutions to get insights and track common patterns in time about specific area.