Visual AI by Ximilar

Artificial Intelligence in easy to use package. Smart machine learning techniques improved to the max. Tools for quick use.

Ready-to-use Image Recognition

These image categorization, automatic tagging & object detection services can be used straight away or customized to fit your needs.
Fashion Tagging by Ximilar

Fashion Tagging

Auto-tagging of fashion items, such as footwear, accessories, jewellery, clothing and underwear. Extract all attributes from the picture and recommend the best products.
Home Decor & Furniture Tagging

Home Decor & Furniture Tagging

Automated recognition and tagging of home decor & furniture objects in images.
Collectibles Image Recognition

Image Recognition of Collectibles

Detect collectible items in images, categorize them and identify their attributes automatically. Built for TCG cards, coins, stamps & other collectibles.
Dominant Colors by Ximilar

Dominant Colors

Easily extract the colors of the image, get their Hex codes, and the percentage of the image they occupy.

Custom Image Recognition

Train and combine your own image categorization, automatic tagging & object detection models with custom labels.
Categorization & Tagging by Ximilar

Categorization & Tagging

Train your own AI to categorize, tag and organize images automatically. Combine it with other services & use it via API or deploy offline.
Object Detection by Ximilar

Object Detection

Train your custom automatic object detection able to spot, mark & count objects of different types.
Annotate by Ximilar


Advanced image annotation tool for detailed and quick annotation of large collections in a team. Draw boxes & polygons; track progress on the jobs.
Flows by Ximilar


Chain & combine categorization, tagging, object detection, image similarity tasks, and ready-to-use services. Re-train, add or remove any part anytime.
Find and compare visually similar photos, images and products. Recommend items based on similarity, categories & tags. Identify and eliminate duplicates.
Image Similarity by Ximilar

Visual Product Search

Bring relevant and personalized product recommendations with true visual & similarity search. Match identical photos, eliminate duplicates & enrich galleries.

Fashion Search by Ximilar

Fashion Search

Rich ready-to-use & customizable service for fashion e-commerce. Build your own fashion search & discovery system with hundreds of features and tags. Enable users to find products by pictures.

Image Tools

Ready-to-use machine learning solutions for simple image editing and processing.
Remove Background by Ximilar

Remove Background

Automatic background removal from photos and images. Useful for expanding the training dataset for Custom Image Recognition, for image augmentation for custom Visual Similarity, and in graphic design.
Image Upscaler by Ximilar

Image Upscaler

Automated image upscaling based on machine learning. Enhance the image resolution by 2x, 4x, or 8x.

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