Find similar fashion products in real life photography with Artificial Intelligence. Expand data of your fashion imagery — get style, texture, material & more. Extract dominant colors & ignore background.

Similar Products

Fashion e-shops and integrator sites often display related products in each item page. With Ximilar, these products are generated automatically as visually similar items. The Visual Similarity engine, tuned directly for fashion, can do this almost instantly. Your collection uploaded to Ximilar, and a single API call gets you the most similar images to an item in a particular category. Our Neural Network processes every image and our powerful similarity search indexes can search millions of items in a fraction of a second. See the Fashion Similarity page for more details about this service.

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Visual Fashion Search

Streamline the path from a customers photo to your product purchase. Let people snap photos with their devices and recommend them similar or same product they see in real life. See the Visual Fashion Search page for more details about this service that can do visual search for fashion and other products.

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Fashion Categorization & Tagging

The most common use case is to identify properties of fashion object such as brand, material, shape, length of sleeve & color. We can cleanup huge collections of fashion images and categorize them, just by identifying visual features of an object. See the Fashion Tagging page for more details about this service or you can always train your own classifiers & taggers.

  • t-shirt
  • black
  • graphics
  • belt
  • short sleeve
  • jeans
  • womens
  • glasses
  • girl
  • summer
  • loose

  • t-shirt
  • red
  • plain
  • turtle neck
  • short sleeve
  • pink
  • mens
  • boys

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Ximilar extracts dominant colors of a product and adds them to metadata for search purposes. The system can ignore skin colors, white and dark backgrounds and other confusing parts of an image.

Chosen Color

Big Photo

Color Matching Images


Try it yourself: See demo

Typical needs of Fashion

Fine-grained catalog categorization

Allow your customers access to advanced search and filtering by fine-grain visual categorization.

Content Management Automation

Automate the work of your content team by automatically categorizing your image database.

Abstract Understanding

Recognize abstract concepts like ‘is this a nice picture?’ or ‘what scene is this?’.

Pattern Recognition

Recognize & classify visual patterns, such as black and white collections, in your products and predict features of incoming content.

Custom Fashion Solution

We’ve done many individual solutions for small and large companies. Contact us for consultation.