Custom Solutions

Simply put, we can do magic. The product line described on our website is something popular, but we do a lot of proof of concepts to help you automate anything related to visual content.
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We Are Experts

Ximilar brings over two decades of experience in leading businesses through the evaluation, specification, prototyping and commercial adoption of data and artificial intelligence based solutions. From this experience, we have learned what enables successful innovation.

Requirements Collection

Initial Exploration & Discovery Call helps us understand your needs. In most cases we specify deliverables & prototyping plan so we can clearly state if we can declare success.

Proof of Concept

Working Prototype of the solution usually takes between 1-3 months to deliver and costs in most cases $1k to $5k. For that you receive expert team, solution refinement & scope dependent.

Final Deployment

After satisfying expected quality measures, the commercial launch is a simple task when we celebrate success.

Content Editors Ready

Ximilar team can help you make things work. We have well trained team of editors ready to prepare, cleanup and verify qaulity of your training data — so you don’t have to. Trully, the launch of your easier, faster & more reliable solution of the future is within quick reach. Just grab it.

Technology Stack

We use state of the art neural network models & machine learning techniques. Constantly trying to improve the technology so you always have the best quality available. Each model has millions of parameters which can be processed by CPU or GPU. Our intelligent algorithm picks from several models & uses the best performing.

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