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Artificial Intelligence in an easy to use package. Smart machine learning techniques improved to the max. Tools for quick use.
Use AI to automatically modify your images. Upscale your images to super-resolution and remove background with fast API.
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Train your own image categorization, tagging & object detection models to manage complex image collections. Machine learning cannot be easier.
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In an ocean of visual search startups we’ve taken a different — dare we say pioneering — path. We see the future as many narrow, deep AI challenges. We are solving the hardest problems in computer vision.
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Deep Fashion Tagging will enrich your knowledge about your fashion data. You can improve user experience on your site leading to increased revenue. Process more products and save on expenses.
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Quick deployment with a pre-trained tagging model with nearly 1,000 tags from areas such as animals, landscapes, cities & objects like person, weapon, camera or luggage.
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