Train Your Own Machine Learning Models With Video Tutorials

Video tutorials for building custom image recognition models, using fashion tagging and search services with Ximilar App platform.
Michal Lukac
17. November 2020

Ximilar platform was built for both experts or newbies in machine learning. Every month our dev & AI team introduce new features and innovations. The services are becoming more complex and it is a challenging task to maintain the great user experience but one we love. For example, Ximilar Flows allows you to built a very complex visual perception system from smaller building blocks, but it can be tricky for newcomers.

We have spent part of this summer working on video tutorials which could explain individual services and features in a more approachable way. So whether you want to build an Object Detection system, or want to search your e-commerce photo collection by visual similarity then simply watch our video tutorials. They can help you build faster and more accurate AI models and show you some hidden features which you might not have seen.

Videos are also accessible from the Ximilar App platform through the video icons on the overview page of individual services. Right now, the instruction videos are available for:

  • Image Recognition – two parts, initial setup of the recognition task, training the model, inspecting the results, and advanced image filtering.
  • Flows – build complex computer vision system with a combination of multiple image recognition models.
  • Object Detection – creating an object detection model, using bounding boxes, inspecting the results.
  • Similarity Search – create your first collection, fill it with data and test the results of image recommendation.

This work was supported by JIC (South Moravia Innovation Center).

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