Introducing Preview — easiest way to test and share your task

Visualize and test your custom machine learning models and Ximilar AI services on images. Online via browser.
David Novák, Ximilar
David Novak
26. June 2017

New Preview feature in Ximilar app, no code required.

No more testing using Postman, Insomnia or python script. We want our vision services to be easy to use. With new Ximilar Preview feature in Ximilar APP you can test your custom AI models on different devices in browser. Our no-code AI cloud platform is able to simply share and present your model to colleagues and coworkers.


We made it easy to test and share API. Just click on Classify button (left menu in Categorization & Tagging service) after your task is trained and upload image. You can access Preview on both mobile and desktop device. You can inspect the behaviour of our REST API, copy the curl request or see the JSON response from the endpoint.

Visualizing results from AI services online

The previewing is available for multiple of our AI services as Custom Image Recognition, Image Tools, Ready-To-Use Image Recognition and more. Object Detection preview is able to draw bounding boxes/detected objects on the image, so you can immediately visualize the results of your trained detection model. Fashion Tagging preview shows you all objects, features and tags analysed on the image with our deep image tagging technology. Image upscaler preview can compare the details of upscaled image with the original one.

Visualizing Fashion Tagging results in cloud ai platform

How do you like preview? Would you like to customize your preview interface to serve your customers? Leave us a comment.

David Novák, Ximilar

David Novák CEO & Co-founder

David founded Ximilar after more than ten years of academic research.
He wanted to build smart AI products not only for the corporate sphere, but especially for medium to small businesses. He is a skilled team leader with experience in both business and technology.

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