Design & Collectibles

Enhance your collectibles site with visual search and image recognition. Give your customers a newer and faster way to find what they are looking for. We know the more they see, the more they buy.

Visual Search

Upload an image & instantly find matching items in your collection. We have a lot of experience with visual search in different domains — generic photos, fashion, product photos, logotypes, etc. We can prepare the “visual search model” directly for your domain.

Attribute Recognition

Enrich your data by attributes that can be recognized from the image. We prepare recognition models on a daily basis. You’d be surprised how easy it can be to prepare a recognition model and integrate it to your site! The attribute and visual search can be successfully combined.

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Use Cases of our Customers

Coins & Stamps


Recognize material, shape & other features automatically. Most importantly, find matching coins for an uploaded photo!

Arts & Crafts


Identify unique art and hobby products instantly. Old, new or used goodies, we recognize them and your clients can search easily.

Antique Home Decor


Recognize, search and voila! Inside or outside decor can be found accurately and in a jiffy with our software.