Well, the year 2020 will stay a long time in our memory. For many it was a sad year. For those in the online business, […]

Ximilar platform was built for both experts or newbies to how machine learning works. Every month our dev & AI team introduce new […]

Introducing Custom Object Detection on Click! With our newly released object detection, you are able to train models for finding objects on your images. Ximilar […]

Half of this crazy year is behind us and summer is here. Over the years, we machine learning engineers at Ximilar have gathered a lot of interesting ML/AI material […]

Did you know that the number of IoT devices is crossing a number of 38 billion in 2020?  That is a big number. Roughly half of those are connected to the […]

Through the years, the Ximilar team has worked with many image annotation tools. Some of them were desktop-based and some of them web-apps. Most […]

The year 2019 was a busy one. We’ve achieved so much and built a solid chunk of the company history. Ximilar now accepts credit cards, […]