August Product Development Wrap-up

David Rajnoch
4. September 2017
Vize Homepage

New homepage, millions of classifications and powerful backend features almost ready for beta access.

August was connected with scaling. We are fascinated with how many calls we received and how AWS helped us to scale. We also finished a new homepage.

Architecture redesign with Kubernetes

As a small startup we started lightweight and now we are getting to the point when scaling is the most painful and joyful task for us. We increased processing power and we can now process 8 images per model in parallel. As long as we run our models in docker containers our next step is to implement advanced container orchestration by Kubernetes. This will enable to scale every model as much as demanded and also allocate our AWS resources more effectively.

Kubernetes Logo

Homepage redesign

Our goal is to show different use-cases for service. We are serving clients from different industries and so we build an homepage that helps visitors to discover new possibilities for their business. You can now explore use-cases in E-commerce, Image analytics, IoT and Real estate.

Vize Homepage

We will be adding more information about neural networks, machine learning and tutorial sections. Stay tuned.

Feature rich new backend

This section is a promotion to the most significant change in service. As we collected feedback from our early adopters we started to implement the best features into our product. We are now finishing the development and soon we will open a beta access.

Analyze images with opens new possibilities for image recognition. You can train custom models in our user interface and test them in Preview. Contact us on  for more info and read more about:

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